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About the Artist

 Hello and welcome to my art portfolio.

A natural ability and strong desire to draw surfaced when I was about 8 years old and I have being doing art work on and off since then.  
As a child, growing up in the Caribbean there were no opportunities for art classes, so I taught myself. I would do water color paintings using ground up colored chalk and broken colored pencils, and drawings using burnt twigs for charcoal.
The closest thing to training I got was in the late 70’s when Jackie Braun would visit the island of Nevis during the Winter months and gather up small groups of kids for free art workshops.
Every winter she would load up her suitcases with a wide variety of art supplies and head for the island. I remember looking forward to her visits each Winter.
We were given the supplies that we wanted to use that day and she would have us draw anything that came to mind. Upon finishing our masterpieces she would mount them on the wall and have us step back and look at them to see any improvements we could make.
She would never correct us, she would just have us make our own corrections, until we were happy with them.
You can read more about Mrs. Braun here: